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Visiting Comal County Jail?

TIPS on Visiting Comal County Jail

After you visit this jail, please email us updates as we need current information from people who’ve been there recently! info@texasjailproject.org

1. The visitation schedule is at http://www.co.comal.tx.us/SO/Visitation_Information.html but sometimes those pages don’t  tell everything you need to know.

2. Write to your loved one and tell him to put you on their visitor list. The only way you can visit is if your name is on his/her visitation list. This gets updated only once a month, so once it has been submitted, he won’t be able to edit it for a month. Address the envelope like this:

Last name, first name, inmate #

3005 West San Antonio St.

New Braunfels, TX 78130

3. Be sure to call and find out what day children can come along to visit and if there are any other issues dealing with children. Get there at least 15-20 minutes early. If you get there past the deadline, you will not be allowed to visit your loved one.

4. If he or she is in solitary confinement, only one person is let out to visit at a time. Comal County Jail has two wings, one has a barred electronic door that opens to let you into the visiting chamber and one that doesn’t.

Only one on each side can visit so if others are in confinement and you get there on time, you can. But if you are last, you will have to wait until one of the others have finished visiting.

 Visits are 20 minutes long and are done via phone and a plexiglass window.

5.  Have your ID ready. (has to be Driver’s License, Passport, Identification Card, Concealed Handgun License, Law Enforcement ID with picture) Whatever address the inmate put down for the visitor must match that address exactly like the visitor has on his or her ID.

The jail guard will call out to you when he or she is ready to check you in.

6. Do not mail Christmas post cards that have more than one picture on it, and do not mail a print out from the internet that includes a picture of anything. They will return letters that contain those.

7. Rules for inmate correspondence are listed here: http://www.co.comal.tx.us/SO/Inmate_Mail.html

8. Inmates are allowed to receive some newspaper subscriptions and paperbacks directly from Amazon. They are also allowed to receive “care packages” via Lone Star Commissary (LSC). This is the link to Comal’s LSC: https://orders.tigercommissary.com/Services/SelectOnlineService.aspx?fId=534&fCode=comalTX&stateAbbr=TX&stateName=Texas