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Medical Releases: How to Check on a Prisoner’s Medical Condition

Step 1

First, the prisoner has to sign the medical release form. Your local jail may have their own form, or else accept this one below. Click below, print it out, then mail it to your inmate:


Step 2

Your incarcerated loved one then should:

  • fill in the blanks on the form and sign it
  • give it to the jail administration.

The medical release form states that prisoner gives the jail permission to speak with you about their medical treatment or health. Without that form, the jail administration/medical staff will not talk to you. If the jailer says, “Privacy law. We’re not allowed to speak to anyone about the inmate’s health or treatment,” you can then ask the jail to give the prisoner the medical release form. (If they will not do that, please file a complaint with TCJS or email Texas Jail Project.)

Step 3

Call the jail, ask for the medical unit or nurse; they will check to see if your loved one signed the form. Then you can ask the nurse/medical provider about your loved one’s medical condition and what treatment or meds they’re receiving.

Your questions can be very important if a jail has neglected your loved one or hasn’t give them the meds they need.