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Charging Jail Inmates for Medical Care

Oct 28th, 2012

So people in jail without resources to get OUT of jail are now going to be charged for medical care while they are IN the jail! Yes, more and more jails are charging fees for any and all medical care. Dallas Couny has formulated its plan for taxing poor people and their families:
Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez recently announced that she will soon . . . . implement the plan to charge inmates a medical co-payment by tapping money in their commissary accounts, which they use to buy such items as toiletries and snacks. Inmates and their families put money in the accounts.

People from Six Counties Tell Their Stories of Dangerous Releases

Mar 25th, 2011

Inmates of Texas county jails are sometimes released late at night without their property or a working phone or access to any transportation—in total darkness. In some documented cases, people had no experience with the area and no idea of their physical location, and in some instances, weather conditions were severe and the individuals lacked shoes or jackets.

Inmates’ Money Stolen in Montgomery County

Jan 18th, 2010

Why didn’t the Montgomery County media cover this story?

A routine audit turned up some $70,000 in missing money at the Montgomery County Jail, and now an employee is charged with the inside job.
A Montgomery County grand jury has indicted Phyllis Ann Traylor, 51 of Conroe on a felony count of Theft by a Public Servant.

Tim’s Journal: Life in Dallas County Jail

Jan 4th, 2010

Day 1: 11/29/09 Today I turned myself into Dallas County for probation violation. Here’s my plan: To write to this journal every day if possible. And the scary part? To be truthfully honest with myself and with the journal. Even now my mind is backtracking on the honest part; the repercussion, the feelings it will