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Tarrant County Jail

The link to Tarrant County Jail Visitation may not have all the information you need to know before going to visit your loved one in jail. Here are some other things that may or may not be clear:
—Visitors DO NOT have to be on any inmates’ list, it is first come first serve. So, if there are others who may be visiting your loved also, be sure to coordinate with the inmate to be sure you are not turned away due to an earlier visit by someone else.
—Whether by phone call or letter, be sure no one else will be visiting the day you plan to visit. (Attorney visits do not count)
— You can write your loved one like this:
Inmate full name & CID #
c/o Tarrant County Jail
100 N. Lamar
Fort Worth, Texas 76196

  • All inmates, whether in the main jail or the Green Bay facility, can only have a visit three (3) days per week.

  • The day your loved one can have a visit depends on his or her last name.

—Last names A through L visitation days are Sat. & Mon. 9 am – 9 pm and Fr. 9 am – 3pm

—Last names M through Z visitation days are Sun. & Tue. 9 am – 9 pm and Fri. 9 am – 3 pm

  • IMPORTANT: because all inmates can get a visit on Fridays, it may be best to get there early, especially if you are traveling from long distances
  • All visits are 30 minutes per inmate, per day. If you are traveling over 150 miles to visit be sure to let the jailers know so that you can get the extra 10 minutes to visit. Visitation time is not kept by a guard or anyone standing over you so you could get extra time anyway, but to be sure, count on 30 – 40 minutes. When the visit ends a guard will come a let the inmate know that his or her time is up. Again, to be safe, count on 30 – 40 minutes even though it could be a little more.
  •  Attorney visits are Wed. & Thur. 9 am – 9 pm, but the website says they can visit “whenever needed”
  • Hospital visits for inmates in intensive care or special care units are Sat. & Sun. according to the hospital regular visitation hours
  • Visits are limited to 2 adults & 2 minors per visit. Anyone 17 years or younger is considered a minor for visitation purposes. All minors, regardless of age, must be with an adult


  • The visitation schedule and rules are the same at both facilities:
    Main Jail Downtown: 100 N Lamar St, Fort Worth, TX 76196
    Green Bay Facility: 2500 Urban Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76106
  • Inmates in solitary have the same schedule and rules as general population inmates
  • Have your ID ready. Acceptable IDs are on the website.
  • Parking at the main jail is available by the street meters or paid parking lots nearby. Paid parking lots are $8 and up, so best to try and find a meter. Green Bay has a free parking lot.


There is a list of prohibited items for visitors. Please make sure these items are not brought into the jail. Cell phones and tobacco products are most notable on the list. Jailers will not check you for these items, but if the visitor is found with them, he/she could be banned from visiting

No books or bibles can be given through the visitation process. Books can be ordered by an approved vendor such as Barnes & Nobles and sent from the vendor to the inmate.

The inmate’s property can be picked up through the jail property officer on duty. Times and schedules to pick up property differ from visitation but sometimes can be picked up when your visit ends. Check with your loved one to find out he/she would like you to pick up their property.

The dress code for visiting is NO:
•    Revealing shorts
•    Sundresses
•    Halter tops
•    Bathing suits
•    See-through garments of any type
•    Low-cut blouses or dresses
•    Leotards
•    Spandex or tight-fitting pants or blouses
•    Miniskirts
•    Backless tops
•    Pajamas
•    Hats or caps
•    Sleeveless garments
•    Skirts 2 inches or more above the knee
•    Dresses or skirts with a high-cut split mid-back, front or side
•    Clothing that looks like inmate clothing (Institutional-type) (Khaki or green  military-type clothing)